Trudy Moore uses paper and charcoal to take large-scale, sculptural rubbings of objects and architecture. Through this work she is exploring a space between drawing and sculpture and considering notions of physicality, change, fragility and memory in relation to personal human experience. The empty, fragile works suggest notions of absence and presence, while also dealing with ideas of artifice and illusion. The techniques she employs to manipulate the paper indicate an expenditure of physical energy, illustrating both force and support and creating a tension between resistance and collapse.

Trudy undertook post-graduate study at RMIT University and received her Master of Fine Art degree in 2010. She has since received an ArtStart grant from Australia Council and undertaken an international residency in Belgium. In addition to her solo practice Trudy is a founding member of Eye Collective, a Melbourne-based art collective; exploring a field of shared thought and expression, together with artists Stephanie Wilson and Melanie-Jayne Taylor.

Trudy has participated in a range of solo and group exhibitions and residencies, both in Australia and internationally. These include Untitled. Sardam Gallery, Kurdistan (2011); Plankton #42. Bellevue, Belgium (2011); Constructing Absence, Part II. Kings ARI, Melbourne Vic (2011); Untitled – Summer Residency with Eye Collective. Seventh Gallery, Fitzroy Vic (2013); Interior Wall. Platform Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne Vic (2013); Paper Works II. Brenda May Gallery, Sydney NSW (2013); Pothead. The Substation, Newport Vic (2014); Urban Animators public art project, RMIT University, Melbourne (2015).

Trudy is currently preparing new work for an upcoming solo show at c3 Contemporary Art Space, Collingwood Vic.